Revision Water


Revision Water Recipe:

  • Take one book in need of final revisions. Add an arbitrary deadline, very close. 
  • Sit down to work.
  • Paint nails instead. 
  • Decide to get to work, smudge nails.
  • Remove nail polish, whisk in a touch of anxiety.
  • Get back to work. 
  • Revise a chapter.
  • Get up to get water.
  • Decide plain water will not fuel the creative juices. 
  • Slice one Cara Cara orange, considering all the while if you like them so much because they make you think of Sons of Anarchy. 
  • Fill one very large jar with ice and orange slices. Shake.
  • Add chia seeds, just for fun.
  • Search for a straw.
  • Wash iced coffee straw from the morning. 
  • Decide to wash all the dishes.
  • Get back to work.
  • Revise three pages.
  • Write a blog post.