Road Trip Wednesday: Badass Ladies

I recently started following a great blog called YA Highway. Every week they run a writing prompt called Road Trip Wednesday, and this week's question was, "Who is your favorite badass female character?"

This was a hard question for me! I'm largely drawn to books with female protagonists not by any sort of conscious choice, but I think it's a little easier for me to get inside a woman's head. There were a few ladies who sprang to mind when I read this question. I loved Tris from Veronica Roth's DIVERGENT series, and I also really love Cimorene from THE ENCHANTED FOREST CHRONICLES by Patricia C. Wrede.

That said, my all time favorite badass lady has to be Alanna from the SONG OF THE LIONESS by Tamora Pierce. I read her series for the first time when I was pretty young, like nine or ten, and I've re-read it countless times, the most recent being earlier this year. 

I love watching Alanna grow up over the course of the series, and I think it's super rad that she's at once very much a badass knight and also quite feminine. It's really cool to see how she grows into herself as both a woman and a knight. If you haven't read the SONG OF THE LIONESS, I strongly suggest you check it out. 

Who's your favorite badass literary lady?