I'm a Failure at the Waiting Game

Last time I was here I said that I was going to wait for at least three weeks before I opened my manuscript back up for another edit.

Well, I'm here to tell you that I've failed. My boyfriend read the book and gave me a number of really insightful edits that I think will make it a thousand times better, so here I am with the document open again, tip-tapping away. Maybe when this is done I'll be able to let it rest for a little while. 

In the meanwhile, I'm going to try to squeeze every last bit of goodness out of Korea in these last 4.5 months we have here. That means a lot of delicious Korean barbecue, a little makegeolli, maybe a last trip to the noraebang, and long walks/bike rides with Cody (I'm trying to get better at not being utterly miserable when we go on hikes, but mountains are supposed to be nature-filled havens of solitude and peace, not just an outside version of mall-walking for the senior set, right?).